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#ProgressionThursday - Willow Leaf Ficus Bonsai

If it's Thursday, it must be time for another progression! If you are new to the Peace Love Bonsai blog, you'll need to know that I LOVE progressions. So much so that I've created a new web page dedicated to my progressions. You can check it out HERE.

BONUS - Read till the end for your chance to win an awesome pot from John Cole!

I purchased this tree from Wigerts, I believe, back in 2017. I don’t have a large tropical collection, but I do enjoy a few. They keep me busy in the winter!

As purchased in Summer of 2017

I didn't do anything to the tree for a year. I just let it grow. There was a root coming off the trunk that I didn't like, so I really struggled to figure out what I wanted to do with this tree.

Summer 2018

As you can see, it was growing well. I decided to chop it back hard and repot. In retrospect, this was not the right pot for this tree. But, the hard cut back did begin to give it direction.

Summer 2018

In the late summer of 2019 I decided to repot into a slighly larger pot. I think the smaller pot really inhibited the growth in 2018.

Summer/Fall of 2019

I think the tree is starting to find it's groove. I really enjoy the willow leaf ficus. They are very hardy and the leaves can get small. I look forward to continuing the refinement of this tree!


Some Additional Pictures

Shohin willow leaf ficus
From the Top

sam miller round round bonsai pot
Sweet Sam Miller round

Before & After

Bonus - John Cole Pot Giveaway!

If you missed it, I interviewed bonsai potter John Cole earlier this week. You can check it out here. John was nice enough to give me a pot to giveaway to the Peace Love Bonsai readers.

Head over to my Instagram and click HERE for the contest details!

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