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#ProgressionThursday - Pinus Sylvestris Bonsai

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

If it’s Thursday, it must be time for another progression! If you missed my first progressions, you can check them out here and here.

Today, I’m discussing a Pinus Sylvestris (aka Scots pine). I’ve grown to love the Scots pine. The limbs are malleable and easy to wire and the needles are short. I purchased this tree from one of the Facebook auction sites a few years back.

As purchased (Summer 2018)

I did a little bit of work to the tree in the summer of 2019. I really struggled to see the “tree inside”. Also, like many newbies, was afraid of doing tooo much work. As you can see, I didn't really "move" the tree along.

Summer of 2019

I decided to repot this tree in the spring of 2020. I have some good pics of the repot, but no “afters”. (Rookie mistake😂😂).

I had planned to take this tree to one of my intensive classes at Bjorn’s, and have him help me think through the styling, but due to Covid-19, I was on my own.

The tree as of today, after some recent work. (Fall of 2020)

As you can see, I think I've finally found a way forward for this tree. The crown of the tree "frames" the trunk, which is a feature that I wanted to highlight. As the crown gets fuller, I hope the tree will show even better.

Final before and after.

I Hope you enjoyed this installment of #ProgressionThursday !!

Share your progressions on Instagram, and be sure to tag it with #ProgressionThursday so I can follow along!

Until next time, Peace Love Bonsai

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