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Emotional Support Bonsai

I recently stumbled across a study out of Japan that had some interesting findings. Apparently plants can reduce stress. Now I've been practicing bonsai for years and I can assure you that my trees bring me plenty of tranquility (and some stress too, at times!) This study, specifically, showed the positive effects that plants can have at the office. Apparently, just the site of a plant within one's workplace can reduce stress and anxiety significantly.

With so many people working from home, I'm wondering if we can find a way to make our bonsai trees into workplace emotional support plants.

So, I decided to give it a try!

Over the years, I've enjoyed growing Portulacaria afra (AKA Elephant Bush) as bonsai. They are extremely hardy and great for new bonsai practitioners because they are almost impossible to kill. And since they are basically succulents, I'm confident that it will grow and survive indoors.

(Speaking of growing bonsai indoors, a quick note. By and large, bonsai are to be grown outside. All plants need the sun and elements to survive, but bonsai especially are better grown outdoors, so please don't leave me tons of nasty comments telling me that bonsai will never work indoors. I get it, let's just all try and get along, ok? Peace, Love, Bonsai my friends.)

I've had this mame Portulacaria Afra for several years. Because it's been growing in such a small container, the growth has also been muted, but the roots are very healthy and the tree is actually doing quite well.

Now it becomes my emotional support bonsai for my work from home days. I can already feel the reduction in stress!

Do you have indoor bonsai or use plants or trees around your home or office? Does it reduce stress? If so, let me know how its going and share your experience below!

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